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Christian Century - On Art
Makoto Fujimura - Art
Matthew Sleeth - Stewardship of Creation
  A former emergency room physician, Dr. Matthew Sleeth resigned from his position as chief of the medical staff and director of the ER to teach, preach, and write about faith and the environment. HE is the founder of Blessed Earth, an educational nonprofit that inspires and equips people of faith to become better stewards of God’s creation.
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Serving God, Saving the Planet DVD Series
Marva Dawn - Liturgy
Marva Dawn
Marva Dawn - Internationally renowned theologian, author, and educator Dr. Marva J. Dawn serves as Teaching Fellow in Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  A scholar with four masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics and the Scriptures from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Dawn is also a popular preacher and speaker for people of all ages.
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Steve Bell - Music
Carolyn Arends - Theology in Aisle 7
Author, speaker and recording artist Carolyn Arends joins the Renovaré team.  Carolyn Arends has released 11 albums and is the author of 3 critically-acclaimed books.  Arends has Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Regent College and a B.A. in Psychology and English from Trinity Western University.  
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Adrian Plass - Humor
Adrian Plass
Adrian Plass - a bemused Anglican, is a writer and speaker who has produced over thirty books in the last twenty years.  Best known of these is probably The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass...
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Cogent - having power to compel or constrain, appealing forcibly to the mind or reason
Notion - an individual's conception or impression of something known, experienced, or imagined
CogentNotion - a thoughtful and compelling article written to motivate Christians to think about what they say, do and believe
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New Brunswick Theological Seminary
New Brunswick Theological Seminary was founded more than 230 years ago – the first seminary established in North America . Our dedication to providing rigorous and accessible training for a diverse community of students has made us the institution of choice for those who demand an exceptional seminary education, a flexible academic schedule and the sustenance of a spiritually rich community.
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